Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP Welcomes Jonathan J. Faust as New Partner

NEW YORK, NY, April 20, 2018 – Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP is pleased to announce that Jonathan J. Faust will join the Firm as Partner and move his practice to the Firm’s New York office.

Mr. Faust is a veteran litigator and enhances the Firm’s capabilities with his wide-ranging experience as a general commercial litigator and accomplished business advisor. His practice includes civil disputes of every size and nature, across industries as varied as Fashion & Apparel, Construction, Information Technology, Real Estate, Banking and Waste Management. As representative examples of the breadth of his practice: (i) Mr. Faust successfully defended a foreign sovereign central bank against a putative class action pending in Federal Court in Illinois, involving complicated claims based on international law in which the plaintiffs sought damages that exceeded 40% of Hungary’s GDP; (ii) he regularly handles mid-sized contract, employment, discrimination, restrictive covenant, landlord-tenant and intellectual property disputes; and (iii) he cost-effectively represents the individual principals of clients in smaller, personal matters pending in New York Civil Court.

“I’m looking forward to working with such a talented group of professionals whose goals align with mine when it comes to client offerings,” said Mr. Faust. “My job is to be a problem solver and facilitator, helping my clients achieve their goals in a practical, effective, and cost-efficient manner.”

“Jon adds incredible skillsets to the Firm’s talent pool. In addition to being a tremendous lawyer, Jon is also greatly admired for his unique achievements,” said Michael Keadjian, Managing Partner of Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP. “Jon’s experience advising sophisticated clients in a broad range of corporate matters will make him a great addition to our New York team and a sought-after resource for clients. This is an exciting time as we commit to building a dynamic, thriving legal practice in this amazing city.”

Mr. Faust earned his J.D., from Columbia Law School. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Michigan with a B.A.


About Jonathan J. Faust

Jonathan J. Faust will serve as Partner of Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP’s New York office. After 25 years as a successful general commercial litigator at an Am-Law 100 law firm, Mr. Faust brings to WKB extensive trial and appellate experience, in both state and federal court.  His practice also includes mediation and arbitration.  He is an accomplished business advisor, who serves as the outside general counsel and sounding board to clients — helping them navigate through volatile currents to clear seas no matter the nature of their concerns.   Mr. Faust’s legal and business insights are burnished by his additional experience as the Senior Counsel to the Claims Resolution Tribunal in Zurich, Switzerland; as General Counsel to Fast Track Nutrition; and as a Special Assistant District Attorney with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Mr. Faust is a well-known and respected thought leader, having lectured generations of future movers and shakers at Columbia Law School in New York, the University of Michigan Law School and at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary.

At his prior firm, Mr. Faust was the partner directly responsible for recruiting recently graduated law students and integrating them into permanent associate positions. He also was a partner member of that firm’s Attorney Retention Committee tasked with identifying and improving quality-of-life issues.

Mr. Faust’s dynamic leadership, energy and “can-do” attitude carries over into his other pursuits.  He is the Commissioner of, and a volunteer firefighter (Lieutenant) in, the Greenville Fire District.  He is also a member of the Edgemont Union Free School District School Board, one of the country’s top performing public schools.  Mr. Faust plays soccer and softball, and trains in combat sports.

When Mr. Faust takes on a matter, his clients reap the benefit of his considerable knowledge, experience and intense personal investment.  Mr. Faust has a consistent track record of success and cost-effectively realizing his clients’ goals.


About Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP

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Facebook’s Data Practices Saga

As we all know, the personal data of about 87 million Facebook users have been “shared” without their knowledge with Cambridge Analytica (“CA”), a firm linked to Donald Trump’s 2016 political campaign.  Seemingly, Facebook knew of this incident in December of 2015, but Facebook users only found out this past March 17 when the New York Times reported it.  In commenting on this latest scandal, the Economist was quick to point out the Company’s “morphing, porous privacy policies and … a cavalier approach to oversight.”

When Mark Zuckerberg testifies in Congress today, U.S. lawmakers will be sure to focus on this breach’s effects on the election process and the identity of those posting news. This highlights the dramatic differences in how personal data is viewed between the U.S. and the European Union. Facebook and other data collectors fully believe that they have the right to use personal data as they deem fit. EU constituencies expect the opposite, and the new Regulation places all control over personal data in the hands of data holders. Given the global reach of any online information, uniform rules and approaches to protecting personal data would be of benefit, but given these conflicting views, we are more likely to see different data practices in the U.S. and in Europe, with data collectors applying a different treatment to U.S. data than EU personal data.


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